Every living being needs energy. The plants get the energy from the photosynthesis by using the sunlight. Our body gets the energy from the food  we eat. It seems strange but our body needs energy even when we are not moving, it needs energy even for thinking, so it needs energy for all the activities. In our body the process by which energy is produced is called METABOLISM.


Metabolism is a set of chemical processes occurring in our organism. Thanks to these reactions, the body gets the energy it needs for all the activities. It seems strange but every minute in our body hundreds of metabolic reactions take place!


Metabolism is important because without it we would die. This is why it is called a vital  process. It can be compared to oxygen. We all know that without oxygen we can’t live as we can’t live without metabolism.

In Biology I have studied that metabolism is formed by catabolism, which is the set of chemical reactions that produce energy and anabolism which involves all the chemical reactions that need energy.

So, Metabolism is a very complicated chemical process. People “translate”  it into something that influences our body’s weight. We all know that an apple is more healthy than a piece of cake, but is the piece of cake that gives us more energy because it has more calories. What does it mean? It means that these calories will turn into weight if we don’t burn them. HOW CAN WE BURN CALORIES? We can burn calories by doing physical activity which allows us  to maintain a state of physical and also mental well-being. When  people eat more calories than they use, their bodies become fatter. This is a big problem because if we put on a lot of weight it can harm our health. This is called overweight.


We can control our metabolism by doing blood test that gives us information about the body’s balance, level of glucose etc…


Metabolic Syndrome isn’t a disease. It is a signal that someone has got health problems. Being overweight plays the main role in Metabolic Syndrome. WHY DO PEOPLE BECOME OVERWEIGHT? People become overweight because they eat unhealthy food and because they don’t do any sport. Even when people are in a bad mood, when they are stressed out, upset, sad they eat a lot of food without realizing it. Overweight can turn into depression because a lot of people don’t like their body and they don’t feel comfortable with it. Metabolic Syndrome is widely spread today, especially  teens who are in  a period of growth can develop this syndrome. The fact that you have Metabolism Syndrome doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that it is difficult. A lot of people say that it is impossible. But you shouldn’t be discouraged. You can become healthy if you trust yourself and your skills. And of course if you have your willpower.


If we have a correct weight, also our metabolism will be all right. People who are overweight should introduce in their daily  routine healthy habits.

  • If you are overweight than…Stop sitting in front of your PC or TV and start moving! You should do physical activity every day. It’s not important if you don’t do any sport. You can always go outside for a walk or maybe run for a couple of minutes.
  • You should make a diet for yourself, including in it a variety of food. Get more fibres, vitamins and proteins by eating more fruits and vegetables. You can also eat foods like chocolate, cakes, fries as long as you don’t eat them everyday and you eat them in small quantities.
  • Don’t Smoke. Smoke hurts your body and can cause serious diseases. It influences in a bad way metabolism.

So everyone of us can use his/her creativity to build a healthy lifestyle for himself/herself.

This is only a short list advice for all people who have got Metabolic Syndrome. It’s time to lose weight and have a good metabolism. So, what are you waiting for? Start today and change your life!

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